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Summertime Lash Woes

Summertime wreaks havoc on our lash extensions so let's go over some tips to keep them full all summer long!
****Generally hair and lashes grow faster in the warmer months. Remember you can naturally shed around 3 lashes a day and this could double in summer! This means we may need more frequent refills in summer to keep them tidy and full. Take advantage of a mini fill or even shorter fill in. I'd rather fit you in for a quick 15-20 min appt and fill that little gap for $20 than have you feel like a little bald eagle. hehe 
You must keep your lash extensions dry for 24 hours after having them applied. In humid weather you really need the full 24 hours to bond. Stay cool and dry while they bond for 24 hours, i.e. No gym, no swimming, no hot yoga, etc. IF you must, take a bath, not a shower, too much steam. 
*Sunscreen needs to be applied carefully.  All spray on kinds for your face are to be avoided and if possible try an oil free sunscreen for the face.
* Oily skin clients, …

We have a new number!

We have a new phone number for all bookings!  Feel free to send us a text or call: 843-790-8455 
If you call during business hours, we are most likely with clients, but will get back to you as soon as possible!  We look forward to hearing from you soon!