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Smitten News!

I cannot wait to share with you that I will be studying under one on one with a lash master in England this summer! I am so excited to learn new techniques and perfect my lash artistry to bring my clients the very best in lashes!  I'll be out of the studio from July 12-21st traveling, but will be back on Friday July 22nd , hopefully not extremely jet lagged, so I can bring back all that I've learned from my time away!

    I also, could not be any happier to also announce that Simply Smitten is expanding! I'll be welcoming my new addition just as soon as she graduates. It is looking like she'll be joining me in July.  More details to come, but I know my clients will be happy because I will no longer be working 6 days per week to fit everyone in and she will be helping me take on some clients that want to get lashes, but I haven't been able to fit them on my schedule.