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How to prepare for your lash extensions

You've booked your eyelash extension full set appointment, now what?  Before your appointment, you may want to be looking at some of the lash portfolio your lash stylist has on Facebook or Instagram.  You'll want to point out which ones you like and which styles you don't. As your stylist, I will consult with you before your appointment to see what works best for your eye shape and lashes.  Some people look great with a cateye and some people look better with the longer lashes in the middle, so it truly is a customized look for each client. 

    The lash extensions come in different thicknesses, lengths, curls and colors.  We'll go over which one works best for you and meets your needs. 

   Also, you'll want to arrive to every lash appointment with clean eyes, this means: no makeup, no eyeshadow, no primer, no mascara, no eyeliner and if you can avoid it, no eye cream.  If you show up with makeup on, please be prepared to cleanse lashes beforehand and note tha…

Are you Smitten with your lashes?

Here are just a few lash extensions I've recently done for clients that wanted an eyelash transformation! 

Lash extensions are semi-permanent and last indefinitely with fill in appointments every 2-4 weeks, so about once a month. Initial investment is $275 with fill ins following being $85 once a month. The extensions are applied 1mm from the base of your lash and fall out naturally during the lash life cycle (about every 24 days), causing no harm to the natural lashes when properly applied. I've been certified with Xtreme Lash since 2007 & recently certified with Sugarlash Pro in classic & Russian volume techniques to create fuller looks.

 If you're interested in lash extensions, call or text me at 803-446-9264 to book. I do book about a month out, so please plan ahead. I also have a great referral system!

Wine & Spirits

Have you been wondering about my angel card readings?  I have several clients who come in for readings to the spa, but I've also been doing over the phone readings and in-house parties.  I struggled for a while with what to call these parties, "angel card parties", "intuitive parties", etc. and now I have decided to call them an evening with "Wine & Spirits". 

     I have blogged before about my angel card readings and exactly what they entail (read more about them here. )   They are all very positive! I only ask that things for your highest good come through, nothing ever scary or negative.  I ask for your angels, guides and God for divine guidance for you during the session and basically "translate" the information for you.
      It is very hard to describe what an intuitive reading is like, but many of my clients have said they are left with a peaceful & calming feeling and are often times given signs after the reading co…