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Botox in a bottle?

Everyone is looking for the fountain of youth, with injections like Botox and fillers, many of my clients incorporate facials with these procedures to keep wrinkles at bay!  The problem is, if you aren't using the correct products at home, then you are undoing all of our hard work in the treatment room.  I recently took an amazing class on skincare ingredients and how they work within the skin to help give you the results you're looking for.  I'm going to focus on one ingredient a day and review what it does, why you should be using it and how it benefits the skin.
   *** Just a side note, I want to let you know I am not trying to sell any products, I'm trying to give you the information so you can do your own research. I do have suggestions and you can contact me for info concerning those if interested. One skincare line is not going to have every single ingredient, so you may have to mix it up. Also?  If you're using drugstore brands, those may say it conta…