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"Wavy Hair - Don't Care" Hair Tutuorial

Many of my clients that visit me at the spa know that I am a skincare therapist, but what you may not know is that I have a cosmetology license and can do hair too! In college, I thought I'd go to Cosmetology school and end up doing hair and makeup, but it turned out that I had more of a passion for waxing and skincare. 

    As a result, I have gotten better at doing my own hair and am often asked how I get my beachy, wavy curls and how they last all day long.  I am about to let you in on my 10 minute hair secret that will last you almost a week.  Yes, you read that right, a week, ok, ok, more like 5 days.  This week I shampooed my hair on Monday, let it air dry (with products), and curled it.  I had my "wavy hair, don't care" look until this morning, and it still looked good, but since I was directing a wedding, figured I better wash it.  haha  I started doing my hair like this on vacation a few years ago and my husband, Adam, loves it!  He actually asks me NOT …

Angel Card Readings

I have always been intuitive, but started taking it seriously when my mentor told me three years ago that I would be incorporating it and mediumship into my business.  I never thought I’d be communicating with angels, guides and deceased loved ones, but here I am three years later, doing just that!
    I get asked all the time exactly what is an angel card reading?  Angel card readings are a way to bring you healing, gentle guidance and a renewed sense of purpose and passion.  I use the angel cards, along with my intuition to connect with your guardian angels and with the divine!
    A reading can be simply one question or many questions.  I ask that you have a few questions in mind when coming in, or we can do a general guidance.   Angel card readings work so well and are so popular because the angels want to help us all awaken to our power and purpose, so they enthusiastically guide us both  through the help of an angel reader. We always have the free will to chang…