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Cleaning Makeup Brushes

With the change of seasons, also brings about changes in your skin....or does it? If you're noticing breakouts, blemishes & blackheads happening, your dirty makeup brushes could be the culprit!  When you don't properly cleanse your makeup brushes regularly, you're applying bacteria, oil, and dead skin cells to your face! Yuck!

    It's easy to forget about cleaning your makeup brushes because you use them almost everyday, but you don't actually see the hidden bacteria on them.  And if you're reapplying during the day, that makeup on the brush is multiplying! 

    Makeup brushes aren't cheap, so you'll want them to last as long as possible.  Taking care of them by giving them a good shampoo will help ensure the life of your brushes and help from cross contaminating bacteria into your makeup,(also expensive!). 

 >>>>>>SO, how does one clean their brushes?<<<<<<<<<<< 
  You'll be amazed at how much …