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Anti-Aging Airbrush Spray Tan

Easter has passed and now it's time to break out the white pants, skirts, and shorts!  But if your legs are white too, don't worry - that's an easy fix with Simply Smitten's airbrush spray tan! 

   The spray tan formula I use is anti-aging - so it's like dipping your skin in an anti-aging serum while getting a tan!  For those interested in the ingredients - here they are: 

"Formulated help revitalize your skin by addressing the fundamentals for skin hydration and daily anti-aging issues. Ingredients that help diminish wrinkles, bind moisture, strengthen and help repair environmentally damaged skin cells. Aloe Vera based formula to aid in skin moisturization and preventing dried out skin. Fast drying formula with no sticky after feel. Pleasant Fresh Clean Fragrance, Paraben Free 

Key Ingredients: 100% Pure Organic ECO-Certified DHA (Dihydroxyacetone): The active ingredient that reacts with the skin to create the tan. Erythrulose: A natural sugar that help…

Prom Lashes

Going to prom this year? Simply Smitten Events & Beauty Bar has you covered with all of your beauty needs!  Spray tans, lash extensions, airbrush makeup application and waxing!  

 If you want beautiful lashes for the big day, don't miss out on our Prom Lashes special!  $99 for a mini set of lash extensions (a full set is normally $275).  They will last 2-3 weeks, so you can get them done beforehand and be the belle of the ball! 
   You won't have to worry about them falling off while you dance the night away like you would with regular strip lashes, these are semi-permanent! 

Book online or email me for more information! 

Go for the drama!

DIY Baseball Wreath

Want to learn how to make this baseball wreath?  I made one for my door on opening day and I want to share with you how easy it is to make one! I found a tutorial on Pinterest HERE. I wanted to write my own because mine is slightly different.  

Here's what you'll need:  Wire Hanger Baseballs (between 11-14) Ribbon of your choice Drill (with long drill bit) Wire cuttersFloral wire  

    I bought a bucket of 8 baseballs from Wal-mart for a decent price, but then bought 4 more individuals to have a total of 12.  As I was putting together the wreath, I realized, I could have added more, but I'm glad we stuck with 12 because the wreath is pretty heavy and I didn't want it to create an "oval" shape instead of a round wreath shape. 
   First, you'll want to drill holes in each of your baseballs. Make sure your drill bit is long enough to go straight through the ball and big enough to make a hole for your wire hanger to go through.  If you're like me, you ask…