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Finding the right path with a spiritual reading

Do you feel as though you are not going down the right path?
Do you feel that you have blocks in any area of your life?
Do you suffer from sadness, depression or stress?
Maybe you just want an uplifting change in the way you see life?
Then a spiritual reading may be for you! 
     I've been posting on Facebook  about my angel card or my spiritual readings and I want to clarify exactly what these readings are and how they may benefit you or someone you know.  They are so hard to explain because each reading seems to be so different for all of my clients, but to start, I'll tell you a bit about myself.
      I am still learning to use my gift from God to help others and bring about awareness that we are certainly not alone on our journeys in life.  I've always been intuitive; I think we all are if you are open to believing it isn't just a coincidence that your friend called right after you thought about her. I've struggled with allowing my intuition to lead my…

A Bride's Guide to Wedding Tipping

Wedding season is officially in full swing in Charleston, SC and as a day-of coordinator, I get asked all the time which wedding vendors need to be tipped. 
   Most southern belles consider it rude to mention money or tipping for that matter, so it is always a sensitive subject.  I cringe when I'm at the spa and someone asks me what people normally tip me. I usually stammer out something like, "Whatever you feel the service is worth, but it is certainly not necessary!".  Some people tip me and some don't, there is no right or wrong answer, but I'm going to give a break down of what is the expected standard (according to such etiquette sources like Emily Post & Martha Stewart Weddings).

     First, you will want to review all of your contracts. Sometimes those gratuities are already added in for you in the final price. These are usually only on the catering or bartending contracts.

Now, let's break it down per vendor:

Baker:  Usually the fee + delivery…