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Framing the face

Isn't this model gorgeous? Her face looks flawless and beautiful.  If you'll notice though, her eyebrows are ever so slightly not exactly the symmetrical and her eyeliner is used to create a more almond shaped eye.  A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog about contouring your face to create an illusion and make your face look more angular like a model's face in photos.  In this blog, we'll talk about how important it is to frame the face with the right eyebrows and eye liner.  
    Let's talk about brows first.  First of all, please don't shave or over-tweeze your brows.  BUT, you need to do something with them, whether your wax, tweeze or thread them, remember, they are sisters, not twins. Overly thin brows are a sign of aging, therefore, thinner brows will age your face fast!  Lush, thick brows are in style right now and even if you're like me and weren't born with super luxe brows, you're in can fake them! 
    I'll show you the …