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How to make a photobooth

I recently hosted a housewarming party at my new house. We had the usual party food, lots of football on the tvs, a fire pit going with a s'mores bar set up for roasting, I made apple cider sangria for a cool night and Lowcountry boil for good eats.  I had to step it up a notch though because I'm a party planner and I couldn't have a lame party at my own house!  A few days before the party, I decided I wanted a photobooth.  It was SO easy to create and a huge hit with all of the guests! 

  Here you see my husband and I having fun in the "booth".  He hates taking photos and somehow I got him in the booth twice in one night!!! 

  If you're having a party and want to do a simple, cheap alternative to a fun photobooth like you'd see at a wedding, here's what you'll need to do: 

- Find a spot with good lighting (I originally wanted to do the photobooth outside, but with the time change, it was too dark and I unfortunately don't have professional…