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Soul Spa

Do you ever listen to your intuition? Everyone has an intuitive side, but a lot of people are so busy during their everyday life that they tune it out.  They don't recognize the signs they receive from their guides, angels and passed loved ones are always sending us!  
  Just a few of my clients know that I have been giving angel card readings for about a year now and now I'm ready to share with everyone. A lot of people ask me what an angel card reading is, but to put it simply, it is divine guidance from your angels, guides and God ( or whichever you believe).  It is all positive information, nothing scary!! God and your angels want to help you, they want you to ask for their help, so they are so happy and willing to give the guidance that you're asking for! 
   I just recently took a course called the Pathways to Intuition (at SP Divine Explorations) and am currently working on my mediumship skills.  Often times while giving a detailed angel card reading, I feel a p…

Faux Mink Lashes

Faux Mink Lashes are the most popular lash extensions that I do now at the spa because they are longer lasting and have a softer, more comfortable feel for my clients.

I have a blog dedicated to JUST my lash extension applications, you can check it out here:

There are so many that it is hard to just choose one before and after photo to post on this page. 

 This client was heading out of the country for a few weeks and didn't want to have to worry about putting on makeup everyday. This way, she can wake up, put on some lipstick and be out the door, without spending a ton of time primping in the mirror! 

   Let Xtreme eyelash extensions transform your look in the new year, call me or email me for an appointment or if you have any questions!

The Secret to Flawless Makeup Application!

A lot of my clients always ask me about my makeup application, what do I wear, how do I apply it, what colors should they use, etc.  I am going to share a secret with you that I  use when I'm going all out with my makeup for a super ultra glam makeup look:  Contouring.
  If you're not contouring your face, then you're not getting the most out of your makeup.  Contouring can instantly slim your face by 5lbs!  It is the best secret to looking fabulous in any photo (ahem, I'm talking about all of those photos Aunt Sally keeps taking during the holidays that she keeps tagging you in on Facebook, making you look f-a-t). 

   So how do you contour and what do you need to buy and do to get the look?  First of all, if you've ever seen Kim Kardashian, you've seen contouring.  MAJOR contouring. She (or her makeup artist) is a master at it.

So, what is contouring exactly? The concept behind it is that you are applying your makeup to appear like you are in perfect ligh…

Mema's Recipes Christmas Gift Tutorial

Are you looking for a special sentimental gift for someone in your family?  Wondering what to do with Grandma's or Mom's handwritten recipes? Make them into keepsakes! 

   My Mema was such a special lady and was always baking up treats for us around the holidays. She passed away in 2007, but it is hard not to think of her around Christmas time and how she'd bring out tins and tins of baked goodies she had been making all season for her family.  

  I was wondering what to get my family members this Christmas without spending a ton, but something that would have a special meaning just for us! I have all of my Mema's handwritten recipes in an envelope and while most people would make a book out of them (and I probably should one day), I decided to make something a little different.  Kitchen towels with her recipes on them! 

  How did I do this? It was so easy to do and turned out so cute!  I apologize for the photo quality, I took these with my phone.

Here's what you&#…

Simply Smitten Events & Beauty Bar Gives Back!

As many of my clients know, I am constantly talking about our 2 rescue dogs, Beau & Jasper, & how our lives have changed since we adopted them. In honor of Beau's 6th birthday, I want to give back to Pet Helpers and I would love for my clients to help too - here's how:
When you bring in a donation, receive 10% off your spa service with me!Here is a list of what Pet Helpers need:
Pedigree canned dog/puppy food
Friskies or 9Lives canned cat food
Cat and dog toys
Peanut Butter
Toilet paper and paper towel rolls
Cat and dog beds
Collars (preferably new or gently used)
Towels, sheets, blankets
Dawn dish detergent
Paper Towels
Gift Cards to Lowes, Walmart, Staples, etc.
Bring any of these items with you to your appointment and I'll give you 10% off!! Let's try to help some animals in the shelter have a better holiday & new year!!!

How to make a photobooth

I recently hosted a housewarming party at my new house. We had the usual party food, lots of football on the tvs, a fire pit going with a s'mores bar set up for roasting, I made apple cider sangria for a cool night and Lowcountry boil for good eats.  I had to step it up a notch though because I'm a party planner and I couldn't have a lame party at my own house!  A few days before the party, I decided I wanted a photobooth.  It was SO easy to create and a huge hit with all of the guests! 

  Here you see my husband and I having fun in the "booth".  He hates taking photos and somehow I got him in the booth twice in one night!!! 

  If you're having a party and want to do a simple, cheap alternative to a fun photobooth like you'd see at a wedding, here's what you'll need to do: 

- Find a spot with good lighting (I originally wanted to do the photobooth outside, but with the time change, it was too dark and I unfortunately don't have professional…

Professional Bikini Waxing

Are you scared of a bikini wax? You've heard the horror stories from your friends where they tried to wax themselves, or perhaps you've been shaving so long that you have gotten used to that stubble feeling, or maybe you're just worried it might be embarrassing?

   I try to make all of my wax clients as comfortable as possible.  In fact, a lot of my clients come back every 5 weeks or so and keep up with it because the benefits far outweigh the cons!  So what can you expect?

  Depending on what wax you decide on:  Basic, French, Brazilian or Full Brazilian

   I try to make it as painless as possible!  You'll need to come in to wax with hair that has grown at least 1/4 of an inch long.  A lot of clients come in with hair that is too short; I will not wax you if it is too short because it can cause breakage, causing more ingrowns. Also, you don't want your hair to be too long either, and by that I mean, if it has been 6 months + then you'll probably want to tr…

Xtreme Eyelash Extensions

Have you always wanted to wake up with beautiful lashes? Are you constantly in a rush to leave the house, putting on some dry shampoo and putting your makeup on in a frenzy? Xtreme Eyelash Extensions might be for you!  These semi-permanent lash extensions last indefinitely with fill-ins every 2-4 weeks . 

    The procedure to apply them is pain-free for the clients.  In fact, most of my clients fall asleep during application because you have your eyes closed the entire time.  A full-set can take up to about 2 hours, depending on the amount of natural lashes you have to attach to. 

  A full set can be longer, thicker, curved and darker than your natural lashes.  This look is great for everyday or for a special occasion like weddings! 

    Faux mink lashes are also available!  These lashes have a softer, more natural feel and are more water resistant than the original Xtreme Lashes.  They still offer up a thicker, longer, darker effect!

   Call or text me to set up an appointment …

Charleston Wedding Season has Arrived!

Wedding season is officially here!  Did you know that not only do I offer wedding planning services, that Simply Smitten is now a beauty bar and offers bridal parties: 
Airbrush Spray Tans -  $35 (or package of 4 for $99) Xtreme Eyelash Extensions - $200 for full set Xtreme Faux Mink Eyelash Extensions - $275 for full set  Body Waxing - from brows (my specialty!), legs, bikini, Brazilian, etc.  Airbrush Makeup - $75  Glo Minerals Makeup Application - $55  Facials, Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peels
Let us help you get ready for the big day!!  

I'm going on vacation.

A quick reminder to all of my fabulous clients, I will be on vacation and unable to answer my phone from 5/18-5/24/13.  I will be able to check emails periodically, but I would love for you to call / text me to reserve your appointments to ensure you can get in!
   Also, on a vacation note, May is National Skin Cancer Awareness month!  Even though I'll be on the beach above (yes, that beach!!), I will be covered in a broad spectrum spf of 30+, wearing a hat and not staying directly in the sun all day. I encourage you to please wear your spf every single day! My own husband who spends countless hours kiteboarding at the beach bought an 8spf Coppertone because he liked the smell of it.  I was proud of him for at least attempting to wear sunscreen, but that 8spf is doing NOTHING!  Wear 30 or more and make sure it has broad spectrum protection.  You need to place at least 2 tablespoons worth of sunscreen on your body and slather it on, rub it in, and make sure to have it on 30 minutes p…

Spray Tan!

Spray tan is now available at Simply Smitten Events & Beauty Bar!  $35 for a full body spray, $10 add-on for a post tan spray.  

  Or buy a package of 4 for $99 (expires 3 months after date of purchase)

Valentine's Eyelash Extensions

Happy Valentine's Day from Simply Smitten!

Xtreme Eyelash Extensions

Lashes can open your eyes, help you save time on your makeup routine in the mornings and while they are a maintenance, Xtreme Eyelash Extensions are so worth it!
  My clients have all become addicted to these beautiful, weightless, semi-permanent lashes that can be maintained with fill-in appointments every 2-4 weeks.
  Mom's are saying they help them save time in the morning!  Check out the Xtreme Lash blog.

    If you're ready for some lashes, give me a call/text! 803-446-9264  
$200 for a full set, $65 for fill-ins. 

Hair Removal Do's & Don'ts

I hope you haven't tried the above before, but after frustrating chin hairs, lip hair and brow hair starts sprouting out, it can be annoying to have to get rid of all of them, leading you to desperate measures! Valentine's Day is coming up and bikini waxing will especially be popular, so read up on the do's and don'ts!

The Don'ts of waxing: 

- Don't wax after a sunburn! Ouch!

- Don't wax if you're using Retin-A, a retinol product or any similar product, this can pull the skin and cause a lot of damage! Give yourself a break from these products before waxing and let your esthetician (hopefully me), know if there have been any changes.

- Don't over-tweeze your brows.  I am not able to create an optimal shape from nothing, so let them grow in a little so we can shape them into fuller, nicer brows to frame your face.

Do's of Waxing:

 - If you're coming in for a leg wax, it helps to exfoliate the day beforehand (not too harshly, don't want …