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Wall Art

Adam and I have been re-decorating our dining room (more on that later), for a few months now.  Painting the walls, a new table, new chairs, new buffet/side table, etc have all been added.  I'm working on curtains, rugs, and what to place on the walls.  I LOVE love love subway art type signs with words all the way down them.  I first fell in love with these during the movie, "Monster-in-Law", where in Jennifer Lopez's character's house they have two huge signs posted.

   Do you know how much these signs cost?! I looked all over etsy and online;  these signs are in the $200 range.  Ridiculous!  SOOOOOOOOOOO... being the crafty mccrafterson that I am, I have decided I'm going to make my own. 

   But since I have very limited painting on canvas skills, I figured I better start small first.  Like 8x8 small. Tiny really.  That way if I messed it up, I would just be messing up like $10 worth, not $200.

   So I decided to make a beachy painted canvas to put in …