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All appointments must be made on Friday 11/23/12 to receive the deal.  You may call, text, email me or book online to receive these deals.  When booking online, please make sure to book and say, "black Friday deal" and specify which deal you are booking.   If you already have a scheduled appointment on the books, you may tack on these specials if you'd like (dependent on time available).  
  Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

What Simply Smitten has been up to this week

This has been an exciting week at Simply Smitten!  
    Our Star for a Day Giveaway winner came in this week for her eyelashes, airbrush makeup application with me and mini photo session with Marie Rodriguez Photography. I am so glad that Karina won because she was already thinking of getting lash extensions and it was her birthday today!  Perfect timing and she couldn't have been sweeter!

     Here's a sneak peek at her before and after that I took with my Ipad camera, (can't wait to see Marie's photos!).

      I think the eyelash extensions make her light eyes pop!

    Earlier in the week, the Post and Courier (Charleston's local paper) asked me to do an interview about eyelash extensions.  I can't show the before and after lash photos from Karina because we used those for the article. I will be posting them after Saturday when the article runs - look for it in the "People" section.  How exciting, right?!

    It has been a crazy week of eyelash ex…

Grand Opening Specials!

Take advantage of the amazing grand opening specials before they get booked up! 

Wall Art

Adam and I have been re-decorating our dining room (more on that later), for a few months now.  Painting the walls, a new table, new chairs, new buffet/side table, etc have all been added.  I'm working on curtains, rugs, and what to place on the walls.  I LOVE love love subway art type signs with words all the way down them.  I first fell in love with these during the movie, "Monster-in-Law", where in Jennifer Lopez's character's house they have two huge signs posted.

   Do you know how much these signs cost?! I looked all over etsy and online;  these signs are in the $200 range.  Ridiculous!  SOOOOOOOOOOO... being the crafty mccrafterson that I am, I have decided I'm going to make my own. 

   But since I have very limited painting on canvas skills, I figured I better start small first.  Like 8x8 small. Tiny really.  That way if I messed it up, I would just be messing up like $10 worth, not $200.

   So I decided to make a beachy painted canvas to put in …

Christina & Jason - "Tied the Knot"

I love all things nautical, so when the bride, Christina, told me that was their theme over a year ago, I was super excited for this wedding.  Also, I LOVE the Charleston Yacht Club for a venue, it has beautiful views of Charleston.

  These are just a few detail photos I took yesterday during the set up, but I can't wait to see what their photographers, Olive Productions have taken!


Guess what tomorrow is?  Administrative Professional's Day!  I work 4 days a week as an esthetician at a lovely spa in West Ashley, Bellezza Salon & Spa.  I thought it would be nice to surprise the two women who have the hardest job in the salon tomorrow, our salon coordinator & manager. 

    I remember the salon coordinator telling me a few weeks back that her favorite candy bar is a Butterfinger.  I love them too!!!  This reminded me of a really easy recipe that has been going around for years, it's nothing new, and I'm not sure who the original genus was that came up with it in the first place, but cheers to you!!

   Are you ready for the easiest recipe to copy a Butterfinger's flavor? SOOO easy!!

Here's what you'll need: 

- Cheez It's
- Creamy Peanut Butter
- Baker's Chocolate

So the next three steps are so super easy that you won't believe how easy and how good these are!

1.  Spread creamy peanut butter on a Cheez-it and then put an…