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Homemade Vanilla Extract

So excited to finally share with you my Christmas gifts I gave out this year!! I realize it is just Christmas eve, but I gave these to my coworkers earlier this week.  I like giving a homemade gift each year, as you probably remember last year I made cookie and smore jars.

  This year I found a recipe for vanilla extract online and found it on a great blog called Bethany Actually.  

   Anywho, it is super easy to make these vanilla extract bottles for gifts!! 

Here's what you'll need: 

- Vanilla Beans (you can buy them here)
- a bottle with a cap to put them in (I used 4oz bottles, or you can find them here)
- Vodka (Something of higher quality, like Svedka or Pinnacle)
- Scissors

First I laid out all of the bottles I wanted to make in a line.... 

Then I cut up all of the vanilla beans in half ( or smaller depending on the size of your bottles).  If they are still looking too wide, then cut them lengthwise once as well. 

Place 6-8 cut vanilla beans in each glass jar.