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Introducing: Mr. & Mrs. Eric Hill

I was so excited to meet Jessica & Eric before their wedding this past spring. They were such a sweet, quiet, family oriented, "Gamecock crazy" couple!  I couldn't wait to help them plan their wedding. Their blue and yellow touches were so pretty on an early fall day.  They had yellow polka dot ribbon everywhere too - my favorite!      The power did go out briefly, but the party went on!  Some of the guests checked the scores of college football on a small tv in the back during the party.  The couple had a beautiful send off with sparklers & drove off in a bright yellow corvette!      My nice camera is broken unfortunately, so my personal photos of the details aren't that great.  The photographer on site will hopefully share some photos with me for better details.  Until then, here is a sneak peek!

  The Details: Ceremony & Reception Ve

Finding the right photographer and What to ask them before hiring

It is important to pick the right photographer for your event to create lasting memories of your special day!  They will be working with you and your fiance, so you'll want to find someone who fits with your personalities, will work well with you and someone you feel comfortable with, so you look good in photos.  Finding the right photographer is like blind dating.  You may have to meet several photographers before finding the right fit, especially in style and budget. 
  Do your research with photographers, ask to see samples!

Here are some questions to ask once you meet with them: 

What styles do they specialize in? Do they do any creative shoots?
You want to make sure the photographer is comfortable shooting the style you prefer. Communicate what style you want.

Does the photographer use an assistant? Is there an extra charge for this? A second Photographer or an option for one?
If having a larger wedding, it is nice if you can afford to have two photographers because one person ca…

Spa Bridal Showers

The cake, the dress, the working out before fitting into the dress, the venue, music, catering, etc., but what about the spa services BEFORE the big day? As most of you know, in addition to being an event planner, I am a full time esthetician (skincare therapist) at Bellezza Salon & Spa.  Over the last few years, I've noticed a growing trend of brides visiting me at the spa several months prior to their events to ensure their best look!  
   What services do they buy? Microdermabrasion and eyelash extensions seem to be the number 1 services that brides want before their weddings. Brides are usually on a budget, so we try to work with them to ensure the best price for services and packages that will enhance their beauty.  
   Eyelash extensions are a great option for brides because they lengthen, thicken, and darken your lashes semi-permanently.  There's no worry for them to fall out during the ceremony or smear like mascara would if there are any tears. Also, they will l…